Company Profile


The seed for SLIDERDROBE Sdn Bhd was established since 2003. In the early years, it was just another company designing and installing household furniture fittings. However, the founders’ desire to be progress further. Thus, and innovative led them to a whole new Blue Ocean by specializing and venturing into project management. We need to meet market needs and developed their strength in designing, fabricating and installing, meeting the needs and expectations of the market. This drive them positively to be creative and innovative in their design and production through their steadfast commitment to invest in R&D and developing competent human resources.
Today SLIDERDROBE is a leading partner with many of the elite developers in the country, bringing state-of-the-art designs in kitchen cabinetry and wardrobe fittings to their prestigious projects throughout the country. SLIDERDROBE also prides itself in constantly improving its manufacturing process lead to timely delivery.
SLIDERDROBE commitment to excellence can be seen in its elaborate pavilion to showcase its creativity and quality finished products for the benefit of its customers.

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